Talybont Reservoir, Brecon Beacon National Park

Welcome to Simply Strolling

Who am I?

My name is Julie and I live in the beautiful Brecon Beacons area of South Wales and in my spare time I can be found tramping over the hills and mountains with my two dogs Lottie & Spud. 

I have a life long love of the outdoors, which has now extended to include wanting to help others to create the same feelings.

I am a Brecon Beacons Ambassador which means I have been learning all about this area in order to share it with you. 

I love taking photographs both landscapes and at the other end of the scale, close ups of flowers, funghi or anything that catches my eye that I maybe don't recognise. 

I also try to take pics that people enjoy, so the pictures are many and varied. 

I'm about enjoying the outdoors, respecting it and ourselves. 

You are welcome to walk with your dog/s as long as you adhere to the Brecon Beacons Dog Code 

A little more....

While this site is primarily a site for you to enjoy my pictures & musings, I am also available to take you out on the hills as a guide. 



Outdoor experiences in beautiful places

What is an experience?

Wild goats on Tryfan.

I set up Simply Strolling to give me a chance to help you to get back outdoors and experience the best that it can give us. 

I am about looking around us taking in the nature, the smells, the feels and, being in the UK also, the weather. 

I want to help you feel that you are getting back in touch with yourself through the medium of the outdoors. 

I am not a therapist or a coach, I am simply someone who knows the benefits that the outdoors can have on you both mentally and physically.

I have a history of having to deal with depression, stress and anxiety myself and I know that the outdoors played no small part in my recoveries. 


What can I do for you?


I can offer you a number of choices, being based in South Wales in The Brecon Beacons National Park is a definite bonus. 

Do you feel that you are not confident enough to go out in the hills around us? 

Do you want to brush up on your skills? . 

Do you want to get outside but have no idea what kit you need; not sure how to prepare for a walk or how to follow a map?

I can help with this. 

I started from scratch myself and it was through the generosity of others sharing their passion and knowledge with me that I am able to do what I do today. 



We have a connection to nature that makes us have experiences in the outdoors. 

This is what our focus will be on. 

I am very happy to lead walks of any level of skill or duration that you might be interested in. 

They can be as hard or as easy as you feel would benefit you. 

When we are out the day is tailored to what you want. If you just want to wander in silence we can do that, I can push you or we can meet somewhere in the middle. It will however usually involve a full day out, coffee and cake to start and possibly to finish as well. 

You will need to bring your own packed lunch and kit. 

Privacy Policy

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Read about my mental health experiences


If you are suffering or are coming through mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or stress, feel free to click through to read about my journey. 

This is an ongoing, very personal project. 

Blog project

Upcoming group walks; getting us outdoors again


These events are free and are there to help us get back outside and to enjoy it once more. 

Suitable for most; a detailed description will be given for you to decide. 


What do you all think? Feel free to comment on FB


Do feel free to comment on my walks on my Facebook page so that others can see. Or feel free to contact me directly if you feel you need to discuss anything with me.  


Prices & details


Bespoke courses and prices on application 


Something to read

Strolling downloads

Files coming soon.


Sign up to hear from me very infrequently, but when I do it it will be about relevant content such as group walking events.

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I operate Simply Strolling in my spare time so please allow time for me to reply. 

Julie from Simply Strolling